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Peeking through the storm

This is me poking my head out to see if it is safe from the storm, and in this case I mean it literally and figuratively. First lets attack the literal sense of the storm. As I am writing this it is raining. No scratch that... it is dumping water on us. We live in the valley of the sun, Phoenix, Arizona. When we moved here we thought it would be little to no rain and warm weather. They lied to us. It rained nearly all week last week, and now we have the pleasure of seeing water flood our yard again. What is a girl to do? Find ways to amuse herself of course. First, I have a sarcastic weather app on my phone that tells me the forecast with a touch of humor. Today's gem... "Ok, which one of you made Mother Nature cry? I expect you to apologize". I agree please apologize this is getting old. My second form of entertainment is letting the princess dog out to potty. The princess does not like getting wet. She goes to the edge of the covered patio, turns around with wide eyes and then promptly gives me the death glare until I let her in. She has the bladder of a god. She will hold it for hours before she dares to get a drop of water on her fur.

The second type of storm is one we are all suffering from, the coronavirus. Normally, I find inspiration in my surroundings for my writing, but I have to say that it is hard to find inspiration amongst the crazy right now. Let's start with the social distancing. I saw a woman refuse to hold her husband's hand in the grocery parking lot. Maybe she was getting into the mindset of defense so she could find the golden roll of toilet paper or the hand sanitizer worth more than platinum right now, but the poor guy looked dejected. It just made me sad. Later, during this same trip to the store, I had a woman yell at me when I tried to reach beside her to get my husbands blue Jello. Blue Jello people. This item has no nutritional value whatsoever, but it makes my husband smile. I took a step back as she yelled at me for trying to get something off the shelf while she was looking at it first. She wasn't even looking at the blue Jello, or any of the other rainbow of Jellos. Oh no, she was looking at the Jello pudding. The stores are crazy, people are edgy and I feel feel like the only winners in this whole mess are our pets, because we are all working from home now.

So, this is me, poking my head out to see if it is safe to come out again. I am hoping that we reach a line of normalcy soon. I need to see happy people to put me back in the romantic mindset so I can wrap up this second book. Please don't make me resort to On Demand Hallmark Movies. Let's remember to be kind to others and try not to hoard the toilet paper.

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