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Those Darn Little Bubbles

I always tease my husband that he has no attention span. We could be doing something in the house and then all of a sudden he could jump up and say "Let's go to Walmart". More often than not there is no real reason to go, he just wants to get up and out. If there is a Walmart within a 50 mile radius, I have been there with him. No joke. But it is his crazy ways that make my life interesting and I appreciate him for that (most of the time).

Now when I get in that same mode and I have my mind pulling me in a bunch of different directions I can't stand it. Take today for example. I had to work my "real" job and we were short staffed, so I was busier than normal. This messed with all of these new ideas I woke up with for my books. I got a new scene in my head for the book that I thought I was done with, and then it inspired a new idea for the one I am currently working on. Then while trying to make a quick note for the new ideas, I remembered that I need to do some more research at lunch on Amazon self publishing and IngramSpark. Later, I got another idea for additional questions for my beta readers while trying to simutaneously eat my god awful frozen lunch and reading about who is better for publishing for my first release.

It is as if I have all these incomplete ideas floating around in little bubbles in my mind. They are pretty and probably important, but the problem is that when I try to pop one of them a bunch more pop at the same time and then disappear. Sadly, there were some pretty swoon worthy lines to add to the books, but they were part of the sacrificial pops today. I think those were the ones that popped while I was remembering to pull the steaks out to thaw for dinner. These steaks better be awesome.

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