Blossom Hills


The Blossom Hills series follows the residents of Blossom Hills, North Carolina as they fall in love and find their own family in each other.

A Taste of Sweetness  

Paperback ISBN  978-1-7353406-0-9

.EPUB ISBN  978-1-7353406-1-6

Zoey needed to make changes to her life. She left her controlling ex-boyfriend and an unexceptional job in Lexington and took a chance for new start.  Moving Blossom Hills was the perfect way to her new life.  She would be closer to her best friend, and fulfill her dream to open a bakery.  She arrived in town full of hope and optimism for her future. What Zoey did not expect was to find such great new friends, immediate success for her bakery and even love in this new charming small town.​


Tyler moved back home from Philadelphia after realizing he was on a self-destructive path and needed to rethink his priorities.  He wanted to reconnect with his family and friends, and start his own business in software development.  He wasn't looking for love, but he also didn't expect to be charmed by the intriguing girl who broke into his apartment and fell asleep on his couch.​


Tyler and Zoey started building a loving and trusting relationship, but strange things began to happen to Zoey and her bakery.  Would Zoey's past prevent them from having the future they dream about?

Images of Devotion  

.EPUB ISBN 978-1-7353406-3-0

Paperback  978-1-7353406-4-7

Dixie has a problem. Her boyfriend just broke up with her only two weeks before the big family gathering to celebrate her grandparent’s anniversary. Even sadder still, she isn't all that distraught about losing this relationship. Now, a trip she was looking forward to, is tying her up in knots. While she loves her family, she is not looking forward to all the questions and pitying looks when she shows up single… again.

Chase has been Dixie's friend since they were children. She was his sister's best friend and was considered a part of their family. After a tragedy took the life of his sister and mother, he devoted himself to being Dixie's friend as they both healed from their loss. For years, he watched men come and go from Dixie's life and promised himself that she deserved the best, even if that meant it was someone other than him. He was doing well until she started dating Jay. Jay was cute and would provide a nice life for Dixie, but now they have broken up. Chase is determined not to lose her to another man. He finds an opportunity to fill in as Dixie's boyfriend in front of her family, and he just has to convince her this is for real.

Can they overcome their past and find true devotion with each other?

Enchanted by You  Coming Soon!!

Ariel has been in love with Kyle since she was six years old.  He never showed much past the affection for her beyond the best friend's little sister.  Knowing that he won't take the next steps for sixteen years she has tried dating others to get him out of her system.  Now after one crazy girls night with her friends she has sworn him off and has created a plan to find her own happiness.

Kyle had moved away from Blossom Hills to Philadelphia to chase his dream of being an award winning journalist, but after a series of tragic events and threats to his safety he moved back home three years ago.  His best friend's little sister has always had a special place in his heart and seeing her again only relights those feelings.  His past has found a way to clear itself up and he needs to find a way to convince Ariel he is ready to move forward.  Now Kyle and Ariel are serving as best man and maid of honor and he thinks he has the perfect way to tear down her defenses.